Vehicle Repair

we take on all aspects of vehicle repair from brake, suspension, exhausts, MOT repair, electrical diagnostics right through to full engine rebuilds and all the stuff in between. We can do modification and custom work. We olso offer a mobile vehicle repair service.

Race Car Prepration 

Prepare the vehicles to be race legal, Under the regulations of your required race series and governing body etc MSA. for example rollcage, harnesses, seats, fire exthinguishers, cut off switch, rain light, suspension setup and any other requirements the driver/ customer needs. Track support available

Vehicle Health Check

  • Whether you've just bought a car with unknown history.
  • Unsure of cars condition
  • Pre MOT inspection
  • Ensrue reliability throughout the winter
  • Taking your car to the limit on a track day! we will make sure your car is in tip top condition and safe

Classic Car Restoration


A classic car restoration involves stripping down the whole of vehicle, repairing rust by welding in new metal section or approved replacement and replacing anything else with age-related damage, for example perished rubber. Rebuild the vehicle to the customers specifications. (race car or road car)

          Vehicle Sales

  • For if you need a first-time car or a to b car
  • Classic car and modern classics
  • race ready vehcle and track day car

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